What To Make For Thanksgiving That Would Work For Picky Eaters?

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The holiday season is stressful enough, but when you’re planning a Thanksgiving feast and dealing with picky eaters, it’s even more challenging. There’s no amount of Hallmark movies and apple cider that’s going to lessen that stress.

Believe it or not, whether it’s a child who survives solely on chicken tenders or an adult who’s never met a vegetable they would eat, there are dishes that will work for the pickiest eaters.

Rethink the Basics

As tempting as it is to surprise everyone when you’re dealing with picky eaters, it’s best to reach out and ask what dishes they would like to see on the day. For example, some picky eaters are happy to eat vegetables if there’s a cheese sauce to coat them with. It’s much easier to whip up a cheese sauce than it is to make a separate dish altogether.

thanksgiving dinner for everyone

The Thanksgiving dinner table should have something for everyone!

There are certain basics people expect on Thanksgiving – the turkey is standard, and there’s always mashed potato, stuffing, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce. But, if you’re dealing with a picky eater who does not like mashed potatoes, you can make a baked potato instead. If it’s a picky child, you can test-drive some of the typical Thanksgiving foods in the run-up to the holiday to find out just how much tweaking you need to do. Chances are, a lot of the classic dishes will suffice once you tweak them to accommodate your picky eater.

Mac & Cheese

It’s a Thanksgiving staple in the South, so why not embrace it as a Thanksgiving staple in your own home? It’s a fan favorite with even the pickiest children, so there’s no reason it won’t be a hit with your picky eater(s).

Fruit & Veggie Platters

Buy a selection of popular fruits and cut them into small chunks for a fruit platter even the pickiest eater won’t be able to resist. Kick it up a notch with cheese and crackers and some chips.

Veggie platters are an excellent option because it allows your picky eater to literally pick and choose which items they prefer. You can include ranch dressing, humus, and any other popular dips.

Consider a hot dish of broccoli and cheese casserole or green bean casserole without the onions.

A Roast Chicken

If there’s a turkey hater, just make chicken! Or, why not branch out with a honey roast ham? Cranberry sauce is a must but you can include other sauces on the table if you know you have a cranberry hater in your midst. Alternatively, you could opt for a pig roast instead – it’s delicious and a great way to feed a crowd!

Stuffed Dinner Rolls

Everyone loves a dinner roll, but why not take it to the next level by stuffing yours? You can stuff them with cheese and top them with garlic butter or stuff them with turkey and stuffing. There are dozens of recipes to choose from and they are so delicious they are sure to be a big hit with everyone.

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