What Can You Serve At a Pig Roast Party?

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Well-prepared and cooked pork is central to any given pig roast. Any other food served in a pig roast party is meant to complement the pork and ensure that the guests have a wide array of options. Roasting a pig is very time consuming. It therefore requires proper monitoring hence you should consider this when deciding the other types of side dishes to prepare.

This is crucial because roasting a pig definitely requires a lot of undivided attention in order to make sure that it is prepared appropriately and flawlessly. If you are wondering what other dishes you should serve at a pig roast party, this article looks at exactly that.

Vegetarian Options

Some of the guests in a pig roast party might be veggies hence requiring a different course. This could entail some veggie burgers such as the bean spicy or winter vegetable ones. Another option to serve at this roast party would be veggie sausages hence ensuring that everyone in the party is properly catered for.

Cabbage Slaws

Some cabbage slaws and other relishes such as finger foods are also ideal in a pig roast party. The relish is amazing as it aids to add some much-needed sauce to the main dish, which could be somewhat plain at times.


This entails spicing up corn using pepper, lime and parmesan cheese. This corn with lime zest or Aleppo pepper is ideal in a pig roast party as it is very scrumptious and mouth-watering thus highly preferred by many guests.

Grilled Chicken

As mentioned above, it is very important to stress and be cognizant of the fact that not all guests in the pig roast party are pork eaters. Some well-grilled chicken breasts are therefore a great alternative to serve at this party either through prior preparation or upon request.

Bread Rolls

These alongside some mixed seed make a very decent choice to serve at a pig roast party. It is also vital to note that these floured rolls could also be gluten-free for people who could have some severe gluten intolerance but still want to attend and indulge in some great food at your pig roast party.


They should be served ideally on an island table. This could range from alcoholic to non-alcoholic drinks in order to ensure that the pig roast party is quite inclusive and that everyone can have their most preferred drink.


The pork is the main dish in a pig roast party and it is perfect when served in a bun. This is because a bun is much uncomplicated and it helps to ensure that the meat is kept warm without essentially drying out. It is therefore a very good option to have in a pig roast party.

Sage and Onion

This stuffing can be sprinkled with some hog juices and served at the pig roast party.

Apple Sauce

This is homemade and typically sweetened hence making a very good puree to have in a pig roast party.

Condiments and Sauces

A good range and selection of condiments and sauces is great to have at a pig roast party. This is ideal in order to add some flavor to the main dish as combined with other accompaniments.

Potato Salads and Baked Beans

These ones are quite popular including any other green salads. Most people are light eaters hence they might avoid the main dish and prefer to munch the salads.

Grilled Oysters

They are topped with some herbed butter or barbeque sauce. This is done for approximately 10 minutes over some moderate to high heat until they open.

Steamed Clams

This refers to the wine steamed clams that should be preferably white. The shells should be thrown into the water and clams in a foil are generally regarded to be fantastic.


Grilled romaine does not require the usual salad dressing but the sprinkling of some lemon juice can always suffice.


This could be some cookies or some fresh fruit. Some ice cream could also be quite fitting.

The aforementioned are great dishes to accompany a well-roasted pig with some very crunchy crackling. The simple rule is to keep the menu basic and simple. It is very crucial to ensure that the food served is not messy and thus it can be readily served. This article should therefore stand to be a good guide regarding what you should serve at a pig roast party whilst satisfying the food tastes and preferences of every guest in attendance.