5 Reasons to Have Your Corporate Catering Event During the Work Week

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Corporate events provide work colleagues with an opportunity to interact with each other aside from what they normally do at work. In order for your corporate event to live up to its potential and entice everyone, you want to have it catered, to accommodate your guests’ needs. However, one thing you may be asking yourself is the best time to hold your corporate catering event. Most people go for weekends, but this article will show you reasons why you should hold your next corporate catering event during the workweek.

  1. It is Cheaper

Almost all events happen during weekends, meaning that many openings exist during the week. This means that having your corporate catering event during the workweek is likely to be a lot cheaper for you. The main reason behind this is that there is low demand for event planners, caterers, and even supplies during weekdays. Therefore, your team will be more flexible with reducing the prices to meet your desires. It is for these reasons that you want to take advantage of opportunities that exist during the workweek to secure lower rates for your next corporate event. This will most likely leave you with extra finances to spend elsewhere to create a corporate event that surpasses your expectations and those of your guests.

  1. More People Will Attend

You may think that having your corporate event during the weekend will lead to a high turnout, but this might not be the case. The reason behind this is that corporate events are not like other events like weddings or birthdays, which attract more people during the weekends. Corporate events are for people that are working in different companies. Therefore, the right plans can be made to have the people attending have an off day. These arrangements can even be done officially. Holding your corporate catering event during the workweek will have more people attend. This is always good for such events, as it provides guests with a chance to strengthen their personal and professional networks.

  1. Provides More Options to Work With

Holding a corporate event when nobody else is doing theirs provides you with more options. This means that you will have more caterers to work with, greater venues at your disposal, more time to secure a good entertainment system, and many other things. All these will be possible due to the low competition that exists during the workweek. By having your corporate event during the workweek, you will be in a position to throw a better event, as your catering team and event planners can customize everything to match your guests’ tastes and preferences.

  1. Easier to Make Plans

Workweek events provide your guests with enough time to plan their schedule to attend your corporate event. The reason behind this is that most events happen during the weekends, which could make it hard for your guests to squeeze in time to come. It will also be easier for you, as the host, to make arrangements because you will be in the right mindset, as planning will seem like a normal day for you at work. When it comes to the day of the event, your guests will find it fun because it will be a way for them to unwind and indulge.

  1. Positive Impressions for Your Company

By conducting your corporate event during the workweek, everything is likely to go according to plan because when your caterers and event organizers are flexible enough, they will do a great job for you. Therefore, when you dress up to go and meet your guests during the event, everyone will be smiling, as you will have successfully pulled off the event. This will without doubt lead to employee appreciation, as they will feel that your organization is both confident and capable.

Most people think about holding their corporate catering events during the weekends. However, this should always not be the case. The reason behind this is that people would rather wear their sweats and relax at home rather than have their business attire on to attend a corporate event during the weekend. Instead of taking your colleagues through the hassle of attending your event when they are burnt out, consider conducting it during the workweek. It will not only be cheaper for you, but you will also have more options to work with. In fact, you get to enjoy a 20% off coupon if you work with us during the workweek. Furthermore, it will be a lot easier for you to make arrangements and more people will attend.