5 Wedding Catering Ideas that will Surprise and Delight Your Guests

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Although every wedding is always centered on the bride and the groom, it is also important to consider your guests when making your wedding decisions. The type of food in season and the time of the year your wedding will take place influence the right selection of foods and drinks. A seasonal wedding menu ensures that your guests are served fresh and flavorful food. Whether you are having a buffet, serving a sit-down dinner or small bites during cocktail hour, setting the right atmosphere for your wedding is essential, as it ensures all your guests remain happy and satisfied. Here are five wedding catering ideas that will surprise and delight your guests.

  1. Provide Several Food Choices

Interactive food displays or catering stations create an air of anticipation as guests can spend quality time together when selecting their favorite dishes. Some of the ideas you can implement for interactive catering stations include Mongolian Grill, pasta bar, custom glazed donut dessert station, and a late night custom slider station. Guests can choose the type of pasta, veggies, sauces, and protein in a pasta bar station. Mongolian grill allows your guests to select their protein, vegetables, and sauces that are prepared and served with a set of chopsticks. A late night custom slider station can incorporate chicken and beef sliders. Other great additions to your wedding include popcorn trolley, lemonade stands, and an ice cream cart.

  1. Incorporate Seasonal and Fresh Items

Apart from seeing two people unite or come together in a wedding ceremony, food is another important aspect of the event that should not be taken for granted. Offering inadequate food has the potential of bringing down the best and most elaborate wedding. The best way to ensure you offer the right food for your guests is to incorporate a seasonal wedding menu. Serving fresh and flavorful food to your guests ensure they remain occupied, happy and satisfied.

  1. Add Bite-Sized Classics

If you cannot figure out a sweet addition for your guests, you should consider bite-size desserts because they are delicious and more adorable. Bite-sized mini cheesecakes make a great addition for unique events such as weddings or dinner parties where guests can select from a wide variety of foods. Other bite-sized options include churro bites, gluten-free berry cupcakes, keto chocolate muffins, and mini lemon meringue pies. Churro bites only take five minutes to cook and are rolled in cinnamon sugar before you can serve them with your favorite sauce. Keto chocolate muffins curbs any sugar craving and are ideal for guests who want to stay low on carbs. Whatever the choice you make, always consider bite-sized classics that are fun, festive and familiar to your guests.

  1. Know Your Guests’ Preferences

The menu options to be offered by an event planner can only be determined once you have understood the general profile of your guests’ list. It is important to ensure there is something for everyone so that all your guests can enjoy your wedding party. Some attendees will be concerned about their health and fitness and may prefer vegetarian and seafood options. The middle-aged or younger attendees are better off with an adventurous or spicier meal while the older groups will prefer a milder menu. Knowing your guests’ preferences is necessary since it considers the type of foods everyone will enjoy.

  1. Consider Ethnic or Regional Menus

A wedding is a special event that incorporates ethnic themes. The executive chef and the event planner need to work together to bring international and region-specific foods to your event. Some of the popular ethnic catering include French, Italian, Mexican, Greek, Middle Eastern, Asian, Chinese and Japanese. It is also important to choose menu options and meal types that suit the time you have for the meal. Time is another essential factor to consider when choosing an ethnic or regional menu for your wedding ceremony.

Although you may prepare delicious and tasty foods that will surprise and delight your guests, it is also important to consider the final presentation when serving food. Whether it is served as a buffet or plated, a catered meal in a wedding should be fragrant, visually colorful and most importantly appetizing. Your guests will not be happy if your food does not look or smell good. This means that you need to add other decorations and linens that will complement the overall theme of the meal. These ideas will not only make your guests happy but will also make your day great, having accomplished a special step in your life’s journey.