What Are The Best Catering Ideas To Accommodate A Large Christmas Party?

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Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to gather with friends and family and enjoy a time of relaxation. But it doesn’t feel particularly relaxing for the person holding the party. If you are planning a large Christmas party and you want to make it extra special, then you need to put a solid plan in place. Organize the decorations, and handle the guest list, but the catering is the main event.

The big question is – how do you cater a large Christmas party?

The Appetizers

You don’t need to make fancy items, keep it simple because that’s what people prefer! By putting out a nice spread, you are sure to provide something for everyone. Franks in a blanket is a Christmas must, but you can also serve stuffed mushrooms, dates wrapped in bacon, and spinach in filo dough.

Christmas table setup

Christmas is a special time of the year, why not use a catering company?

Don’t forget to incorporate some cold apps, think crab claws, vegetable platters, and fruit and cheese platters. It covers all the bases.

Sharing Platters

A sharing platter is an excellent way to serve a lot of food quickly and efficiently. It’s also going to keep the conversation going because everyone will be sharing. With it being Christmas, you can serve towers of cheeses and crackers alongside caramelized cranberry chutney or spiced pear relish. Use holly and mistletoe to garnish your platters.

Antipasto is also a great option and can be arranged in a wreath to celebrate the season.

Action Stations or Grazing Table

If you don’t want the stress of preparing several courses and serving everyone, then grazing tables or action stations are the perfect solutions.

Action stations are fantastic for large crowds. A carving station takes care of the main event and you can focus on the sides, but pasta action stations, sushi bars, and raw bars are also wildly popular.

You can lay absolutely everything out on your grazing table, from the appetizers to your mains, snacks, and desserts. Just be sure to pick easy-to-eat items, if you don’t have enough seating for everyone then you don’t want to serve items that require a knife and fork. Surf and turf, charcuterie, cheese and crackers, and skewered meats are all great choices.

The key to catering a large crowd is providing a full spread that is easy to see and navigate. Stage the table at different levels so every dish is visible and easy to access from different angles. And don’t forget to provide clear labels!

Of course, the easiest way to cater a large Christmas party is to reach out to the experts. At DRJ Catering, we offer a wide range of options on a variety of menus. If you want to serve a hog roast, we have your back, but we also offer action stations, sushi and seafood, and appetizers and desserts. We have a little something for everyone – whether you want a buffet, action station, or a variety.