How To Host A Great New Years’ Eve Party

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New Year’s Eve is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the year you have just made it through and welcome the new year full of wonderful opportunities. Whether you plan to hold a large party or prefer an intimate sit-down meal, there is plenty to consider. Whatever decision you make, you still need to decide whether you should have your gathering professionally catered.

Plan Your Event

Planning is key! If you plan your event well, that is the biggest piece of the puzzle. Choose a theme from the outset and then build your party around it. Be sure to invite the people you love and enjoy, by inviting the people closest to you, you can limit your stress levels.

Set the mood with lighting to make a warm, welcoming environment. If the lights are too bright, it can set an uneasy environment that feels too cold.

catered New Years Eve Party

A great New Years’ Eve Party requires great catered food. We can help!

Low lighting and fairy lights can help you strike the perfect mood. Choose decorations that fit with your theme, whether you have opted for a casual BBQ or a formal black-and-white event. Choose the music ahead of time or arrange games to help the evening pass without a lull in the conversation.

Parties normally wind down by 11, but that’s when you need a second wind on New Year’s Eve. Think about your party in phases – the cocktail hour when everyone arrives, the meal period, dancing, games, and conversation. You don’t have to create a spreadsheet with timings down to the door, but having a structure in mind will help your evening flow.

Food & Catering: Caterer or Not?

When it comes to food, many people will opt to do it themselves because they view it as the cheaper option. However, when you add up the cost of buying all of the food, the amount of time that goes into preparing that food, and the cost of the energy to cook, heat, and reheat all of the different elements, the price adds up quickly.

On the other hand, if you opt for a professional caterer, they handle all of it. All you have to do is select the menu that best fits your evening and let them do the rest. Having a caterer makes the evening far easier to manage, it means you only need to worry about the decorations and entertainment and someone else will handle all of the food. And let’s be honest, the food is often one of the major highlights of any party. Especially when there is alcohol involved! Plus, the caterer will handle the cleanup as well, which is perhaps the best part. When you wake up on New Year’s Day, you are truly waking up to a fresh start.

You can prepare easy snacks, like nuts and popcorn, but let the caterers tackle the big stuff.

Call DR J Catering

DRJ Catering offers a wide range of options, whether you want to welcome the new year with a hog roast, hire action stations or hold a BBQ, DR J does it all. While we can’t provide alcohol, as per state law, we can bring cold non-alcoholic drinks. We can also hire a bartender to serve the drinks. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy while the DR J team does all the work.