How Do Professional Caterers Roast a Pig?

Have you ever been to a professionally catered pig roast, and wondered how exactly it was prepared? Maybe you’ve even picked up a whole pig from the butcher yourself, and prepared it for your own special event. Most people, however, don’t really know how pigs are roasted or what is involved. You may have seen … Read more

Reasons to Consider a Pig Roast This Winter

The pig roast is a tradition in many different cultures, and here in the states, we have our own take on it. The all-American pig roast has become such a fixture in summer months that people often book pig-roasting caterers months or even years in advance. They don’t want to take chances. They want to … Read more

4 Common Myths About Pig Roasts

Have you been to a pig roast lately? Probably not, if it’s New Jersey in the middle of winter. But if you’re somewhere warm (summer in New Jersey, for example), pig roasts are going on all over the place. This is one of the most popular style of barbeque, and it’s a well-known crowd pleaser. … Read more