Reasons to Consider a Pig Roast This Winter

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The pig roast is a tradition in many different cultures, and here in the states, we have our own take on it. The all-American pig roast has become such a fixture in summer months that people often book pig-roasting caterers months or even years in advance. They don’t want to take chances. They want to make sure they get exactly what they want when the big day rolls around.

But is it really necessary to only think about pig roasts during the warmer months? In states like New Jersey where the winters are tough, we sometimes need a little escape. What about skipping the traditional turkey dinner at your catered even this winter and going for a classic pig roast instead? Here are a few reasons to consider doing just that.

1. It’s different

Everybody’s serving turkey and ham this holiday season, and of course, not many people are complaining. These are classic menu choices that are virtually guaranteed to win people over. But doesn’t it get a little too…monotonous sometimes? A pig roast is a great way to “flip the script” and give people something they weren’t expecting. And if you see how enthusiastic people are about pig roasts during the warmer months, you know they’ll be equally happy to dig in when the snow is flying.

2. It’s a crowd pleaser

A pig roast is a great way to please a hungry crowd, whether it’s a wedding reception or a company party. When the pig is roasted slowly and professionally, the tenderness of the meat is something people aren’t going to forget anytime soon. It should practically fall off the bone, and should have a juicy flavor that people are thinking about for days afterwards. This is the kind of impression you want your event to leave in the minds (and taste buds) of your guests!

3. The meal tastes just as good

As long as your caterer is getting the hog from a reputable and quality source (as they always should), you’re going to be getting the same quality pig roast as you would any other time of year. People sometimes worry that they’ll be getting product that’s been frozen, or is otherwise not fresh. A reputable caterer will never let this happen, and will always keep the quality of your menu at the forefront. Be specific when asking questions of your caterer. Know where they’re sourcing their products, and let them know that you expect the freshest, most delicious results this winter!

Making your winter pig roast a reality

Not every caterer is going to offer pig roasts during the cold-weather months, but some will. Among those, you’ll want to choose carefully. There are always a number of caterers out there who just don’t have the experience, skill, equipment or personnel to really bring off a pig roast in the most successful and professional way. But when you find a company that’s experienced and adequately skilled, you’ll be surprised at how efficient, cost-effective, and fun a winter pig roast can be!