How to Know How Much Pulled Pork will Feed 50 People?

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Pulled pork has always been and remains one of the best meals to serve guests at parties. This is because the time and attention and love that is put into the final product really shows when you taste it. We start by using our secret blend of spices which make up our rub on the pork Butts, they then go into the smoker to cook low and slow for about 12 hours until the point where the meat just falls apart. Serve your guests pulled pork and you will have them talking about the party for years . Here are some things to consider when ordering.

  • Age and Gender of Guests

When planning to offer guests pulled pork, you must first sit and evaluate the demography of your guest list. This is because different groups of people will consume different amounts of food, and pulled pork is no different.

Slow cooked pulled pork shoulder
Some people prefer more vegetables on their plate while others might want more protein. It also depends on if the guests are mostly children or adults.

  • Mealtime

The time of the day also plays a role in determining the amount of pull pork you will need for your occasion. Most people consume smaller meals for lunch, and or brunch, and usually enjoy a larger meal at dinner time. So, if your event is closer to dinner time, you will definitely require more pulled pork than you would if it was a lunch time event.

  • Type of Occasion

A group of 50 guests will consume different amounts of pulled pork, depending on the type of occasion. Some occasions such as weddings take longer, almost half or even the whole day. The longer an occasion takes, the more pulled pork you will need for the guests.

  • Side Dishes on the Menu

The amount of other food also determines the amount of pulled pork you need for your occasion. If you plan to have many other dishes from appetizers to sides to desserts then you will need less pulled pork. If you have side or main dishes that are heavy on the stomach such as hamburgers and sausages , then you will need less pulled pork. On the other hand, if you are serving lighter dishes like chicken and fish you will need more pulled pork for groups of 50 people.

These are just guidelines and they may not effectively work in determining the actual amount of pulled pork you need for 50 guests. The best and most effective way of determining the amount is by hiring a caterer for the job. They have catered many events of your size so they know the exact amount of pulled pork you will need. You do not want to spend so much of your money only to be left with a lot of leftovers. On the other hand, you do not want some guests to go hungry because you did not make enough pulled pork. Therefore, consider working with a caterer to determine the amount of pulled pork you will need to keep your guests happy .