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Category: Pulled Pork

Roasted Pork Butt Shoulder with Salt and Pepper

What is the Tastiest Part of a Pig?

From the chops to the bacon to the fall-off-the-bone cuts of ham. You can try whatever cut you like, from whatever part of the pig you like – for those who love pork of any sort, it’s a dream come true. Sausages! Perhaps, for you, the best part of the pig is not in fact the meat itself, but what is made from it! Now, of course, one can make sausages from just about anything – you could make turkey sausages if you wanted to…

Slow cooked pulled pork shoulder

How to Know How Much Pulled Pork will Feed 50 People?

Some people prefer more vegetables on their plate while others might want more protein. It also depends on if the guests are mostly children or adults. Mealtime The time of the day also plays a role in determining the amount of pull pork you will need for your occasion. Most people consume smaller meals for lunch, and or brunch, and usually enjoy a larger meal at dinner time. So, if your event is closer to dinner time, you will definitely require more pulled pork than…