What is a Full Service Buffet?

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When deciding what type of service to go with at your event, you should first understand the nature of your event. Buffet services are of two types and they work for different occasions. For example, a drop off buffet would best suit a formal event like a corporate party. A full-service buffet would go with an informal event like a wedding. This article gives more insights regarding a full service buffet.

  • Liberty of Menus

Just like with any other event, with a full-service buffet, you are at the liberty of choosing the menu that will fit your event or your big day best. In most cases, the host will have a say in what types of food to be prepared, depending on the expected guests.

This is determined at the planning stage where the host decides the number of guests will be present at the event. It is also the time where the host lets the caterer know of any special diet considerations for guests with health conditions like diabetes and allergies. Usually, the caterer will present you with menu ideas for you to explore and make up your mind. As you make your choice on the menus, ensure to buy locally produced season food to enjoy favorable market prices.

  • Clean Up

Cleaning up after an event is a challenging encounter because it involves a lot of work that ranges from the collection of garbage, assembling the seats to bringing down the set and cleaning. This can be very hectic if you have to do everything yourself; you can imagine removing your wedding gown to bring down the dining setup. This is where full-service buffet catering comes in. Your caterer will do the cleanup work for you so that after the event, you head straight to other important matters of your life. With full-service buffet, you do not have to move a finger during and after the event; the caterer takes care of everything so that you can be guaranteed of peace of mind.

  • Food Preparation

With full-service buffet catering, the caterer can come with raw food and prepare it at the site. For this to work, the caterer will have to arrive at the site very early since a little delay can result in a serious inconvenience. Alternatively, the caterer can prepare the food elsewhere and bring it to the site when ready. The food is transported in warming pots and delivered to the site by a food truck. Once at the site, the food has to be kept warm always, in which case constant source of fuel has to be available. Unlike on-site food preparation, off-site preparation is preferable since the guests will not have to deal with the annoying gases from the cooking. Furthermore, it quite convenient for everyone.

  • Dining Setup

With other types of catering, the host usually plays a part in preparing the dining set up a day or some days before the event day. However, with a full-service buffet, the caterer does all the work regarding the dining setup. The dining setup work includes setting up the tables, spreading the linens, and arranging the silverware on the table. This gives the host enough time to concern themselves with other important issues of their life. Usually, the caterer will come with some rentals like silverware, tables, and some other decors.

  • Service

Regardless of the buffet service you choose for your event; drop off or full-service catering, you will need some staffers. However, with a full-service buffet, you do not need so many staffers. You will only need a few of them to take care of miscellaneous tasks such as clearing dirty plates and tending to some demands of the guests. This works to your advantage because it saves you so much money that you would have used to hire many staffers.

Finding a good caterer to deliver a full-service buffet as per your expectations is not easy. You have to sample a few caterers in a bid to determine the best one to cater for your event. The sad reality is that you can never know if you are hiring a good caterer unless they get to the action. Even so, checking for their customer reviews and ratings can give you an idea of the experience of the caterer you are about to hire. Upon finding a good caterer, ensure to stick with them so that you do not have to go through the same process then next time you have a similar event.