What is the Tastiest Part of a Pig?

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A pig is packed full of deliciousness, whether you like ham, or pork chops, tenderloin or bacon, ribs, or even use the lard for cooking – there are plenty of tasty parts to our friends who couldn’t be happier rolling in mud all day.

But what is the tastiest part, really? Of course, this is a matter of personal preference, but there are a few truths to be told about cooking pigs, parts of, or whole.

The Whole Damn Thing

Let’s start with the obvious – the tastiest part of a pig, for those who are undecided, could be all of it. If this is you, you’re the type of carnivore that makes Hannibal Lecter blush. DRJ Catering offers you the opportunity to taste all of the different parts of the pig, with their whole pig roast.

Roasted Pork Butt Shoulder with Salt and Pepper
From the chops to the bacon to the fall-off-the-bone cuts of ham. You can try whatever cut you like, from whatever part of the pig you like – for those who love pork of any sort, it’s a dream come true.


Perhaps, for you, the best part of the pig is not in fact the meat itself, but what is made from it! Now, of course, one can make sausages from just about anything – you could make turkey sausages if you wanted to – but who does that? Sausages are often best as part of a traditional barbecue. Cooked low and slow, sausages make a delicious option for those who love a mash-up of pork. One of the best things about them is you can pretty much throw in whatever you want – cheese, spices, whatever! Just grind, mix, form and cook!

Roasted Pork Loin

Roasted pork loin is probably one of the best parts of the pig.   pork loin can be made bone-in or boneless, Grilled, smoked or slow-roasted on a barbecue with whatever spices and sauces you like, the roasted pork loin is a firm favorite among chefs.

Pulled Pork!

Not exactly what you were expecting, but the deliciousness of properly made pulled pork cannot be understated. It’s the sort of thing that makes you just smile This is cooked, low and slow with many types of wood but apple is our favorite.  It is usually cooked for a minimum of 12 hours until it just falls apart and then depending what region you are in it is sometimes served sauced, naked or with a vinegar mix

Other Parts to Consider

Almost everyone loves ribs! These are another part of the pig for you to consider as the tastiest, depending on what you like… Honey-garlic spareribs are a staple at things like Super Bowl parties.

Whether you like finger licking ribs or bacon, or a pork chop, or you want to try one-of-everything, DRJ Catering’s whole roast pigs are for you. Try a little bit of everything – as they do offer a little bit of everything.