5 Ways to Use Leftovers from a Pig Roast

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Fall family affairs provide a fantastic opportunity to eat a lot without feeling guilty about any of it. Whether you’re entertaining a crowd of ten or a hundred, family gatherings always mean the need for lots of food. It’s perfectly normal, even if you’re the host, not to want to cook for dozens of people. Luckily, this is where DRJ Catering comes in! We have options aplenty to meet most dietary restrictions and can comfortably service a function, no matter the occasion or size of the crowd.

By far our most popular and famous catering comes in the form of a fantastic pig roast! This delectable multi-dish spread covers a full range of menu options, from a Hawaiian Pig Roast, to a stand-alone whole pig roast. Whole pig roasts involve a lot of work and produce a lot of food! The last thing anyone wants to see is food waste, so we’ve produced a guide to using leftovers from your pig roast. Here are five ways to use your pig-roast leftovers.

left over pig roast
  • Give Some to Your Guests

Our delicious food should be enjoyed by one and all, and so, if you find that you have leftovers with regards to the pig roast – and you don’t have enough freezer or fridge space to put the leftovers in, send some of the deliciousness home with your guests is never a bad idea. We’re pretty flexible and can even do up some meat packages to take home while we’re on-site, we’ll just need some advanced notice is all.

Having your guests leave with a smile on their faces and some food to bring with them is sure to leave them with memories to last a lifetime.

  • Pulled Pork

If you intend to use some of your whole pig roast for some pulled pork, let us know and we’d be happy to save you the trouble and pull the pork ourselves, leaving you with the task of putting it all together. If you wanted to learn more about how we do our pulled pork dish, simply follow our recipe!

  • Ham Sandwiches

When we cook our pig roasts, the resulting meat tends to literally fall off the bone  Slicing our pig roasted meat is simply a joyous task as the meat is so tender. These slices of pork can be kept for afterward, to make a delicious sandwich.

Shrimp Curry

As part of our South Pacific Pig Roast, or our Hawaiian Luau Barbecue, we offer delicious coconut shrimp. If perhaps, your guests are not huge seafood, you may be left with some of this fantastic shrimp and lost for use for it! You can simply mix the shrimp with some curry sauce to make a delectable coconut shrimp curry!

  • Sticky Pork With Rice

Another great way to utilize our pork is to make sticky pork! Simply cover your leftover cut-up pork with a sweet-and-sour sauce and serve alongside rice and onions for a delicious, simple and quick meal.

DRJ Catering does our best to make sure that your parties are worry and effort-free. We go above and beyond to serve your guests impeccable food! However, if there are leftovers, we don’t take it personally and we hope that you’ll use these dish ideas to reduce food waste and keep using our delicious food, long after the event – as a lasting memory of both it, and us.