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Autumn Ideas for your Next Catered Event

With Autumn in full swing, and winter just around the corner, dreams of an outdoor catered event might have to wait until the snow melts — unless, of course, you live in one of those areas where the sun shines all year. The rest of us, however, might have to think about holding our catered events and parties indoors. But does that mean they have to be drab? Absolutely not! With the right kind of strategy and expertise, your indoor autumn event can be perfectly…

Back yard Hawaiian Luau in Short Hills, NJ – August 2017

Kate and Jeff had a unique Hawaiian Luau celebration in their Short Hills, NJ back yard. The guests were a great bunch of people who enjoyed our themed offerings including fruit and vegetable kabobs, fried rice, crab cakes, Waikiki Chicken, Hawaiian meatballs and more! Take a look at the photos to see the really cool watermelon carvings and of course, a whole roasted pig. This was another awesome day!

4 Ways Your Caterer Should Make Your Event Less Stressful

Let’s face it, planning an event is stressful. And the contractors you hire for the event should make things less stressful – not more. And yet, working with inexperienced or ill-equipped caterers often create more work and provoke more headaches than you would have had if you tried to do everything yourself. When it comes to catering, you want to choose a caterer who will pull of the job beautifully and leave you less stressed on the big day. Read on for four ways that…